Strengthen and tone your body, breath & mind to improve physical conditioning and stress management.


Bring your body, breath and mind to a state of wellbeing to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety & depression.


Reduce unnecessary suffering caused from chronic pain in your back, joints, muscles, or headaches.


Bring all parts of yourself into balance to live your best life with chronic illness like MS, cancer, arthritis.


Client Testimonials

"As Kerry has been working towards becoming a yoga therapist, she has developed a series of yoga poses that, with modification, are appropriate to help my spine rehabilitate following two total spinal fusions in two years. Of course I have sought permission from my surgeon and family practitioner before beginning these exercises. Kerry has been working with us on breathing techniques and stress relieving exercises. These have proven to be helpful for me in dealing with issues of insomnia. Kerry, through yoga, has greatly improved my mobility and decreased my anxiety levels. Her calm, tranquil approach to instruction helps to solidify the gains I have made over the last 4 years. Thank you Kerry!"


"Kerry makes you feel so welcome from the moment you meet her. She gets to know each person in the class and is always open to change the plans based on how each person is feeling. She provides alternatives to different poses to ensure everyone can participate despite physical concerns or limitations. She does amazing work and has even made me so relaxed that I have fallen asleep! highly recommend her!"

Meg Yates

"I have been doing yoga with Kerry for a couple of years now and recently started attending two classes per week instead of just one. I have a weak area in my lower back that is prone to “going out” at times which leaves me barely able to walk, and certainly not able to work. I addition to that, my upper back, neck and shoulders are significantly affected at work with leaning and reaching in certain positions to provide patient care. Since doing yoga, particularly with going to Kerry’s classes twice a week, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my flexibility, strength and most importantly a definite decrease in my lower and upper back symptoms. In addition to this, it is good for my mind and soul to take the time for self-care. Kerry is an inspiring teacher and always makes her clients feel at ease. She is quick to offer modifications to yoga poses if there is a need, and this tailoring makes yoga available to anyone - regardless of their physical limitations. I would very highly recommend attending Kerry’s classes for anyone who is looking to improve their strength and flexibility, and particularly for those who also experience discomfort as they very well may benefit from yoga."

Kathryn Alton

B.Sc., O.D. Optometrist - Palmerston Optometry Clinic


From gentle relaxation, to individualized yoga therapy sessions, and even family yoga, there are classes to suit all levels and needs.

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