About me


KerryHow I got started

I remember looking through a yoga book as a child and being fascinated by the postures.
I did my best to copy them as I tumbled around the living room!
Many years later, in order to address my own health concerns, I followed the advice of others who said “yoga would be good for you” and bought some DVD’s. Although I enjoyed the practice, I did not do it regularly and I did not notice any benefit to my health. Then I tried a class or two at the YMCA and found that they were much too crowded. All in all, I didn’t’ see what the fuss was about at this point.

As technology advanced, I decided to try again and registered for an online subscription service where I could stream videos to my home. This was fun … at first. Then I found I was logging on less and less frequently.

One winter, I decided to go on a holiday in the middle of February with only my dog for company. I went online and found a neat looking retreat centre that was “dog friendly” and had really cute little cabins. Sadie and I had been camping in the summer in previous years,but this was an adventure for both of us to travel to a new place in the winter on our own. Sugar Ridge Retreat centre changed my experience of yoga and I finally found what the fuss was about.I enjoyed 5 days of deep relaxation, near solitude and finally found a style of yoga that suited me and seemed to point me in a direction that would provide answer to the questions I didn’t even know I had. This experience changed everything. From connections made here, I was fortunate to find a local studio that offered yoga teacher training.

Where I was trained

Living Yoga & Health In Guelph became my home-away-from-home for the next two years.  I studied and practiced hard to implement yoga practices into my daily routine on and off the mat. This training included what had been missing from my previous self-guided attempts – compassion, acceptance, loving kindness and a deep understanding of my own body, mind and spirit with the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor in a small class.

Kerry1My home practice

I continue to develop my personal practice through yoga asana, pranayama and meditation with a special focus on restorative and therapeutic applications.

What’s next?

I am in the process of completing a 2 year yoga therapy certification with Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy. The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program will teach me to work with individuals within the yoga therapy model. Upon completion I will have the information and skills to work one-on-one with people for a wide range of conditions. The course teaches anatomy, philosophy, theory, and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting and is the first step toward completing the full International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT) certification program. 
Currently, I am teaching group and private classes from my home, but continue to look for the perfect studio space in Palmerston. You can see my current schedule here.