Description of Classes

All Level:

This class is suitable for anyone with at least moderate level of physical fitness and any level of yoga skill including beginners. Modifications and suggestions will be made to enhance your experience as needed. This is an exploratory class where you can try some new poses or find a deeper understanding of poses you are already familiar with.

Rise and Shine:

This class is specifically for the early riser who wants to get up and get moving with Sun Salutations and energetic flow. Start with this early morning practice and be ready for anything the day has to offer you.

Lunch Break Yoga:

A yoga quicky so to speak! This 30 minute class gives you a chance to get away from work in the middle of the day for a short but sweet relaxation break. Yoga clothes are not required – come as you are and give yourself a chance to recharge. This class has some gentle movements to undo the office kinks, but won’t make you sweat or wrinkle your clothes. Beginners welcome!

Family Yoga Workshop:

Bring the kids (3+ years) and have an adventure in movement and body awareness in a fun-filled, creative atmosphere. Be prepared to laugh and play as we explore yoga with the kids from their point of view! Warning: This class may include such things as singing, dancing, flying, roaring, slithering and magic carpet rides.


Also suitable for those wanting a refresher on basic technique.
Come and experience yoga in a positive, supportive and motivating environment.


This class will focus on gentle movements,
designed to slowly ease you into controlled poses.
Our class will improve your balance and circulation, tone your muscles and teach you how to breathe deeply and relax.


Feeling really tired and stressed out? Restorative yoga is for those times you really need to take care of yourself. A series of completely supported poses will help you achieve balance in your body and your life while counteracting the effects of chronic stress.  Balance your energy levels, stimulate and sooth your internal organs while gently getting into all the movements of the spine in the ultimate gentle yoga practice.


This class is taught using a seated position that also incorporates the breathing and relaxing benefits of a traditional class. Using a chair as our main tool, we will explore poses and stretches to utilise new muscle groups and improve posture.


This class will lead you through a series of challenging poses that will flow one into the other while you also focus on your breathing.
The sequences are smooth and flowing, almost dance-like, with each movement in the series being done on an inhalation or an exhalation.