Expanding the breath…

Tonight our theme was Expanding the Breath and we explored how the breath moves our side body through breath awareness and movement.
Exploration of Breath:
We contrasted holding our abs in versus releasing habitual tension in the belly. How low did you go? Could you feel the breath moving your tail bone? Could you feel the breath widening your pelvic bones? 
Movement explorations:
Upper body (arms, shoulders, neck, face) for movement and tension release. 
6 movements of the spine and various other exercises from table pose (don’t forget to protect your wrists).
Sitting and twisting
Moon Salutations
Remember to be kind to yourself and don’t force the movement. Know that you may use a strong dose of imagination at first as you visualize the movement deep in your body. Once you locate the places with tension and release them, your body and your breath will begin to move with more fluidity.
“The Breathing Book” by Donna Farhi