I have been doing yoga with Kerry for a couple of years now and recently started attending two classes per week instead of just one.

I have a weak area in my lower back that is prone to “going out” at times which leaves me barely able to walk, and certainly not able to work.  I addition to that, my upper back, neck and shoulders are significantly affected at work with leaning and reaching in certain positions to provide patient care.

Since doing yoga, particularly with going to Kerry’s classes twice a week, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my flexibility, strength and most importantly a definite decrease in my lower and upper back symptoms.  In addition to this, it is good for my mind and soul to take the time for self-care.

Kerry is an inspiring teacher and always makes her clients feel at ease.  She is quick of offer modifications to yoga poses if there is a need, and this tailoring makes yoga available to anyone – regardless of their physical limitations.

I would very highly recommend attending Kerry’s classes for anyone who is looking to improve their strength and flexibility, and particularly for those who also experience discomfort as they very well may benefit from yoga.

Kathryn Alton, B.Sc., O.D.
Optometrist – Palmerston Optometry Clinic