Weekly notes Feb 19

The long winter has apparently caught up to me and I have been fighting off a cold for a week now. The battle continues, but I seem to be winning thanks to lots of rest, lots of green tea and a magic potion of lemons, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper and unpasteurized honey. I found the recipe online and you can get it here. I even had enough energy to teach a class of family yoga last night!

Here are the highlights from Family Yoga Class.

Ocean salutation and Colours In Me song
Magnificent Me Cards
Yoga Boogie Sun Salutes
Partner Yoga

This time we added poses that go with the first letter of each person’s name. Kite for Kerry, Shark for Shelagh, Tree for Todd – even though he wasn’t in class. Then at the end of class we did a closing visualization practice under the rainbow with all the animals, trees, boat and anchor from throughout class.

Namaste: the (candle) light in me honours the (candle) light in you.

Teaching Family Yoga has been so much fun for me! I feel like I have tapped into a level of creativity that I wasn’t aware I possessed. And wow, do I ever sleep well after Family Yoga!