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New to Yoga?


If you are just beginning in yoga, have a look at the tips below and please feel free to contact me with any and all questions not covered here.


Yoga Etiquette

Respect others in class ••• Refrain from wearing strong scents in the studio ••• Be on time, stay to the end ••• No chatting on the mat, this is quiet time for you to focus inward


What to Wear

Comfortable clothing (yoga pants, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.) ••• Tighter clothes, or thin but loose clothes are best for yoga as they will allow the instructor to assess and correct your form and alignment. Make sure your clothes give enough room to let you move and stretch fully. Gym shoes and/or socks are not needed as yoga is practiced barefoot ••• We recommend that you avoid wearing dangling jewellery as it can distract you from your workout ••• Tie back long hair to keep it out of your face


What to Bring

Comfortable clothing (yoga pants, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.) ••• Yoga mat, or you may use studio mats provided for you ••• A plastic or aluminum reusable water bottle or container.


What to Eat/Drink

Come to class hydrated and drink water during and after class ••• Try to avoid attending a class directly after eating a heavy meal